Our rates vary by service. Each service and rate is listed below.
  • Couples – Communication Counseling: $115 per session
  • Couples – Infidelity Counseling: $115 per session
  • Porn Addiction Counseling: $115 per session
  • Women – From Betrayal to Healing™: $50 per week (13-week program)
  • Men – Breaking Free & Staying Free Online Course for Porn & Sex Addiction: $40 per week (15-week program)
Getting your relationship back on track takes a time and financial commitment.

If you’ve made the decision to work with us, then you’re ready to get down to business. And we are too. We work with clients to laser-focus on what they need and where they’re going, which means that we aren’t going to spend years together tip-toeing around looking for solutions. Most of our clients benefit from a short-term treatment approach.

We maximize our short time together by:

  • Coming up with objective and measurable goals at your first appointment.
  • Using questionnaires, assessments, and sometimes “homework” assignments between appointments to keep you on track.
  • Learning from those assignments outside of the session to look at real results.

The Owensboro Center for Marriage is a fee-for-service practice, meaning we don’t bill insurance for our sessions. Clients are welcome to pay by card, cash or check at their appointment. Many Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts will also help pay for services. An invoice is emailed to you after each appointment, and you may submit it to one of those accounts if you choose. Additionally, if your FSA or HSA provided you with a debit card, we can process payment from most of those cards right in our office.